Expanded resins



The Cross linked expanded polyethylene, closed cells, is a product that is used in many areas. The Extrusion of big rolls of different sizes is followed by the converting processes of cutting, laminating to other supports. The cross-linked polyethylene foam product has remarkable features such as sound and heat insulation, waterproofing, lightness and flexibility (see insert).


· Cross linked expanded polyethylene, closed cells (from 30 to 400Kg/m3, N, Eva, EPDM, HD, FR resins)

· High - density EPDM production line

· Slab stock expanded flexible polyurethane (and PP, EVA, PVC…) CONVERTING with laminating, adhesivation, cutting, "continuous" rewinding, …

· Expanded sealing, for sandwich panels and Cold ROOMS. Available with partial or total adhesivation

· Adhesive Tapes in aluminium/copper/Pet/OPP/PVC